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Creative Ways to Use Glass in Your Home


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Creative Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

Creative Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

Big Glass Wall

Glass has been used in buildings for centuries for a multitude of purposes; from protecting from the elements year-round while allowing light and warmth inside with single- or double-glazed glass, to passing down traditions and stories with stained glass, to acting as a tabletop for dinner and coffee time.

Hundreds of years after its first use as a household material, glass continues to be one of the most popular materials used in residential and corporate buildings. Glass is such a versatile material and can be used in countless creative pursuits. Both interior design and architecture showcase how glass can be incorporated into existing or new buildings with artistic flair.

Regardless of whether you are building a new home or doing a simple window replacement, repair or glass door installation, you can update your aesthetics to a unique and modern design while still maintaining your home’s character.

Check out four creative ways to incorporate glass into your home below.

Update existing glass structures

If your windows or glass doors are showing signs of wear – cracks, chips, loose frame or track, scratches that are too deep to repair, rattles in the wind, or air leaks – it’s time to replace (or repair) them, and you might as well update at the same time.

Why not give your existing glass an upgrade? Switch out single-glazed panes for double-glazed, change your dated framed shower screen to a frameless glass shower screen, or replace your glass patio doors with security screen doors.

There are countless styles of glass to choose from, many of which can be customised to your exact specifications: privacy-creating frosted glass, view-enhancing windows or door frames, and energy-saving double glazing.

Glass Wall

Design with glass

Glass doesn’t have to be reserved for windows or doors; it can also become part of the structural design of your house. From glass stairways (yes, steps made of glass), to glass floor tiles for better basement lighting, reinforced glass can be strong enough to hold the weight of several people.

If replacing a wall (or building one) isn’t on the cards but you still want a dramatic room with uninhibited views, building a conservatory is an excellent option. A stylish conservatory gives you the openness of being outdoors with the comfort of being inside.

If you’re after a more subtle effect, a skylight is an option to consider. Skylights open up rooms and allow natural light through. Worried a skylight will give you too much light? No problem – you can get a shade installed, so you can block the light when necessary.

Glass Wall

Keep it private

If picture windows aren’t enough, entire walls can be constructed of glass. While full glass walls give you unrestricted views and a chic, modern look, it’s important to keep in mind that they’ll also reduce your privacy and may come with increased energy bills.

Energy efficiency can be achieved by installing double-glazed windows or insulating blackout blinds, giving you the freedom to let in or keep out natural light. Want the drama and openness of a glass wall without sacrificing privacy? Why not add a glass-block interior wall that allows the light to come through but still maintain privacy? Frosted glass is another option that gives you plenty of light while keeping your privacy.

Jazz up your interiors with glass furniture and stained glass

In addition to being the perfect modern structural element, glass can be used as a creative accent. Replace bulky furniture with glass furniture to give the illusion of more space. Furniture with glass accents – like a glass-topped coffee table with a timber frame – is a great way to subtly incorporate glass with any style of décor.

Want to add a pop of colour to your home? Use stained glass panels or windows to divide your space and add character.

Ready to take the next step?

home with glass walls

As you can see, glass is an easy way to create space, bring the outside in, and add a personal touch to your home’s style. The use of glass in your home is as limited as your imagination.

Professional glazing can do everything from basic protection to next-level specialized defence against fire, harsh weather, and even bullets. If you’re ready to amp up your space with new glass features or need to repair or replace existing glass, find a trusted glazier with experience in all areas of glass.

Glass repairs & replacements

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