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6 Benefits of Glass Windows and Doors during Winter


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6 Benefits of Glass Windows and Doors during Winter

6 Benefits of Glass Windows and Doors during Winter

cosy living room in winter

Too frequently we may assume that having glass windows and doors spells an icy winter season for those within your home or office space. This assumption, however, is dated and fails to consider the many energy-efficient and insulating advances in modern glass. 

Windows and glass doors are no longer poorly insulated and unfit for harsh winters. Let’s explore this further to learn more.

Solar gain

With the angle of winter sun falling differently in relation to time-of-day, it may seem that your home is losing heat, but the reality is, large surface areas of glass in your home or office actually increase the solar gain of your space.  

This sunlight makes your interior naturally warmer, albeit at a different time of day from that of summer months

To help further, adding a glazing treatment to your glass windows and doors can preserve warmer temperatures as they happen.  Glazing works to halt the cooling of warm air as it hits the window pane.  

A denser glaze provides the best insulation, with double-glazing becoming a particularly popular choice for Perth homeowners.

Sunlit glass windows and doors = less SAD

The Health Environments Research & Design Journal (Vol 6, 2013) tells how natural light plays a key role in controlling the circadian system and with it reduces depression, agitation, sleep disorders, assists eating patterns and, in some cases, even reduces pain.  

So much so, that patients in brightly lit hospital rooms were found to have a reduced hospital stay by 2-6 days as compared to their counterparts in dimly-lit-rooms. 

Evidence points to glass windows and doors – with their natural light provision, especially in winter – resulting in happier, healthier occupants. 

It’s important to remember this, and celebrate the natural light we’re able to capture through our windows here in Perth, which gets a generous tally of daylight hours compared to other parts of the planet!

Low emissivity coating on glass windows and doors

Also known as “Low-e”, low emissivity coating is a spectrally selective coating applied to one side of the glass.  Its low emissivity means that Low-e glass can prevent temperature transference through the glass by around 30% compared to plain glass.  

This means that heat produced by our bodies, heaters, and soft furnishings in a warm-temperature room, is reflected back into the room by Low-e coating and prevented from escaping.  

Low emissivity coating on glass works year-round to also reduce glare and prevent your furnishings from ultra-violet light damage during sunny summers. 

new timber glass windows

Natural heat and light

If you’re in the process of building a home or undergoing renovations, consider the planned position and location of your glass windows and doors.  

Remember that the north facing side of your property will capture most of the sun’s natural warmth, so it pays to plan accordingly and maximise the outcome for those winter months, allowing both enhanced levels of light and warmth into your indoor space.

Insulating when used with winter-smart window dressings

Thick, insulating curtain fabric makes sense for winter months, allowing an easy means for keeping cold air from permeating the window pane and to keep warm air in.  

Curtains which hang full length to only an inch off the floor provide the most protection, however, if your curtains happen to hang shorter, just be sure they fit the window properly on both left and right sides to keep warm air from escaping.  

Also, check for any gaps along with your window frames where air might be getting through and apply a sealing product to close these up.

Wood framed sliding security door


Despite cooler temperatures, ventilation in our homes and indoor living spaces is key to our well-being.  It’s smart to open windows and doors daily to allow natural air exchange to take place.  

This helps prevent stale odours from lingering, it also prevents growth of mould and mildew inside your home’s wet areas like the laundry room and bathrooms.  

Further to this, you’ll also clear and freshen your home of harmful bacteria and germs that are likely to make you sick. This is especially important in winter months when our immune systems are often on overdrive.  

When it comes to ventilation, there’s no doubt glass windows and doors are a benefit to creating a fresher space! 

What’s Next?

Even during the gloomy winter months, there’s no reason to need to feel cold and miserable when you can use glass doors and windows to your advantage. 

With present day coating options, glazed glass solutions and a few practical measures, there are many ways to stay warm without paying higher energy costs.  

Take advantage of natural light and heating opportunities by positioning your glass doors and windows where they can receive the most sunlight, and you’ll be left smiling and well on your way to benefitting long term from your glass fixtures – all year round.

Ready to reap the benefits of high-quality glass windows and doors this winter? Looking to upgrade or replace your current windows? Check out our replacement services now!

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