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Introduction to Double Glazing


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Introduction to Double Glazing

Introduction to Double Glazing

Double Glazed Window

Glass itself is an excellent conductor. So in a home without glazing, heat is going straight out the window.

A single pane of glass provides poor insulation so much of the heat in your room goes right out the window. Double glazing includes a layer of air trapped between two panes of glass which allows much less heat to be lost through the window.

The trapped layer creates protection between the cold air on one side and warm air on the other. Certain glass types can be used in double glazing for safety toughening, security, fire resistance, and designer looks.

The difference between single glazed & double glazed

Double glazed windows utilise two separate pieces of glass, separated by a vacuum. The glass used can be laminated or UV tinted but is otherwise similar to the glass used in single glazed windows.

A single glazed window is constructed using a single pane of glass which ranges from 3- 10mm,  which can be up to 20 times less efficient than double glazed glass.

Ratings: U-value

U-value (expressed as Uw in windows) measures how readily a window system conducts heat. The lower the U-value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better its insulating value.

You can halve the U-value and heat loss of the window by selecting double glazing.

Benefits of Double Glazing

  • Reducing heat loss & gain

Double glazing helps capture and store a higher percentage of the natural heat from the winter sun and insulates your home from the heat which burns through your windows on hot, sunny days.

  • Reduces energy usage

In Australian homes, lots of energy goes into powering heating/cooling devices. By reducing your heat loss and gain, double-glazed windows and doors reduce your need for this manufactured temperature control.

  • Condensation

Condensation can be a serious problem. Double glazing works to reduce excess moisture on your window panes by keeping the interior glass pane close to room temperature, lessening your condensation risk.

  • Reduces noise

Acoustic seals and layers allow the glass panes, and the space between them, to absorb more sound energy, making it a great investment if you live by a busy road or beneath a flight path.

  • Improve resale value

An older home with double glazing is more desirable to the purchaser who wants to ensure that the house is efficiently insulated.

  • Increases security

It’s more difficult for intruders to break in through double glazed windows, particularly if you include laminated or toughened glass.

Replace or Repair Your Double Glazed Windows?

You should thoroughly understand your options before paying for new glazing. You should replace your windows if;

The glass is damaged – You can save money by keeping your old frames if they are in good condition as most frames are designed to have the glass replaced.

The frame is damaged – If your frames are damaged, you will need new glazing as well because it’s difficult to remove glazing from a window in one piece unless the sealing is completely damaged.

The seals are old – If there is fogging and condensation between the panes your double glazing is broken which will have to be replaced, but you can keep your frames.

There are numerous reasons to replace old glazing, however, if your glazing only needs repair, you might be able to save money.

In some cases, a competent glazier or fitter may be able to reseal your windows rather than having it replaced, especially if your windows are less than ten years old.

If you are getting drafts or condensation, it might require an overhaul including resealing, new sashes, and other repairs.

Retrofitting old frames is the most economical way to repair double glazing if possible, because you don’t have to purchase new frames, which can save on the cost of buying windows.

However, if your window is nearing the end of its lifespan, repairing the windows may cost you more in the long-term rather than simply replacing the windows now.

Double Glazing costs

Double glazing costs vary depending on several factors including your location but, in most cases, materials, size, type, and installer are the most important factors that affect costs.

The average lifespan of glazing will be 10-35 years but will vary depending on the quality of materials and the glazier you choose.

Contact Action Glass & Aluminium

If you’re still having trouble deciding on single or double glazing, we recommend getting in touch so that you can ask for an accurate quote. The team here at Action Glass & Aluminium have extensive experience in double glazing installations, for all kinds of people and homes, as well as commercial projects. 

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