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Should You Repair or Replace Your Glass Windows: 3 Minute Guide


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Should You Repair or Replace Your Glass Windows: 3 Minute Guide

Should You Repair or Replace Your Glass Windows: 3 Minute Guide

Repair or Replace Glass

Take a good, long look at your windows. Are they drafty? Are they overworked? Have they seen too many storms, rain showers, and windy days? Maybe they’ve simply just become too stiff and hard to operate. 

Whatever the reason may be, if your windows aren’t up to scratch it’s probably about time to do something about them. After all, a good home-owner knows that caring for your windows not only keeps your home looking lovely, but also keeps your home protected, reduces energy bills, and can help improve a home’s value overall.

But, how can you tell whether it’s time to replace your windows or simply get them repaired? Do you see rotting wood? Broken panes? No matter what you’re experiencing with your windows, we’ve got the answers for you.

How to Tell Whether You Should Repair or Replace Your Glass

When it comes down to it, glass repair and replacement can be a tough call. It’s best to evaluate based on the specific issues that are happening with your glass.

If you have inexpensive vinyl windows that need replacing, call up your favourite handyman and get him to give them an upgrade. With vintage windows though, especially ones that are multi-pane, custom, or aluminium windows, it’s best to get a trained repair person.

Water Leakage or Foggy Glass


If you’re dealing with a cloudy pane of glass or you notice that your windows are leakier than you’d like, it might be time to consider replacing your glass or window seals. If you notice foggy condensation or streaks between the double or triple panes, you might have what’s called a “blown” window. 

So, do you repair or replace? Easy. Simply repair these windows. It’s a quick fix that usually only requires installing a new sash. This can be done for about $40-$200, depending on the type of window you have.

Cracked or Broken Panes

Broken Glass

Is it the classic baseball through the window issue you’re dealing with? Has someone broken into your home by breaking the window (we hope not!)? Or maybe you’vegot an old pane that’s seen better days. 

If your window has a crack or a broken pane, you might notice glass that’s chipped, scratched, or fully shattered. It’s a nasty problem that needs to be fixed ASAP, so, do you repair it or replace it?

Obviously, the glass itself needs to be replaced, but whether you replace the entire window depends on the overall condition. If the window is relatively new or in good condition, simply replacing the glass is sufficient.

Drafty Windows

If you have a window with a draft, you’ve probably noticed the pockets of air rushing in and out of your home. This isn’t just unpleasant, it’s also terrible for your energy bills and bad for safety. 

This is typically caused by cracking or peeling caulking, a loose sash, rotted wood, or even failing weather stripping.

So, should you do: repair or replace?

Big Glass Window

In most cases, we recommend repairing your glass. To fix gaps in the seals, you can replace the caulk for long-lasting, affordable results. If the issue is weather stripping, you can usually fix it quickly and easily.

Replacing or Repairing: It’s up to You

Your windows are one of the most important parts of your home – they keep your energy bills low, keep your family safe, and provide natural light and a beautiful outlet to the outdoors.That being said, it’s important you always keep your windows in excellent shape. Not sure whether you should replace or repair your windowsGet in touch with an experienced window professional today to learn more!  

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