Action Glass Compliance Policies

Compliance Policies


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Action Glass Compliance Policies

Compliance Policies


At Action Glass, compliance is an important part of our business. 
We strive to provide the highest quality products that consider the environment and the people who use them. 

WHS Compliance

The safety of our team and clients is of the highest importance to us. We strictly follow Workplace Health and Safety (OHS) to ensure that everyone remains safe and efficient. Read more on our WHS policy.

Environmental Policy

We take pride in ensuring that our products and practices are sustainable and the environmental laws, rules, and regulations to protect our team. Read more about our environmental compliance policy.

Quality Policy

We continuously strive to improve the quality of our systems and processes so you get a superior quality product that lasts for years. Read more about our quality assurance policy.

Code of Conduct

Workplace Health & Safety Management Plan


Action Glass fleet

Commitment to Implementing Safety

At Action Glass & Aluminium, we take Workplace Health and Safety seriously; our products and practices are compliant with the Australian Occupational health and safety standards.
We show this commitment through our comprehensive training program providing vital information and resources to company employees. Our objectives are to continue being an organisation that employees can trust and feel safe with. 
These practices are ingrained in the core value of our business enabling the customer to experience services and procedures they can trust. 

Environmental Practices

We are all experiencing the climate issues faced by the planet today. Being proactive to limit air pollution and limiting excessive use of water have become requirements for any thriving business.

Taking on environmental responsibilities, we have adopted effective policies like the ISO: 14001.2016 standards for best practice environmental management. 
We focus on updating and implementing new waste management policies. Action Glass & Aluminium is a company which will continue to thrive at protecting the planet while providing high-quality glass and aluminium products.
This is evident in our products that are built to save energy in residential and commercial buildings. 
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Quality Assurance

Our utmost efforts are poured into exceeding at quality standards in our research and development to provide the customer with the best aluminium and glass products in the market. 

We achieve this through proactive reviews of our product in conjunction with new technology, issues, and feedback from our clients to then go back to the drawing board to create something that adhere to current standards. 

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