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Guide to Summer Entertaining


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Guide to Summer Entertaining

Guide to Summer Entertaining


If you love to host family and friends for summer barbeques and backyard bonfires, now is the time to get your home sorted for entertaining. Since the sunny season is just around the corner, we’re helping you gear up for patio dining and fun. 

From incorporating sliding glass patio doors to enhancing your entertainment space altogether, here’s everything you need to know about planning and preparing for summer house guests. 


Comfortable furniture is essential 

When setting up your backyard space, the first item to check off your list is seating. When hosting guests, it’s important to make everyone feel at home. By having various (and sufficient) seating options, your guests will feel welcome and comfortable in your space. 

Here are some unique and practical seating ideas for your backyard entertainment space:

  • Picnic benches
  • Hammock
  • Lounge chairs
  • Outdoor sofa

Consider additional furniture pieces that will make hosting guests easier and more enjoyable, such as a large dining table, umbrellas, fire pits, and accent tables.

Open Room

Create an open space

An open space will foster the positive energy you desire when hosting guests. Be sure to avoid clutter and crowded spaces. Before your guests arrive, stash away extra books or mail that you may have laying out. And create a balanced and orderly distribution of comfortable furniture as to not overwhelm the space.

A crucial step to creating an open space is maintaining a natural flow from inside to outside. Sliding glass doors are the ideal match for patio and alfresco decks. These doors are perfect for summer entertaining as guests can easily move from inside to outside and vice versa if needed, and you can swiftly flow between the spaces when bringing out additional drinks and food.

At Action Glass and Aluminum, we have elegant sliding glass doors to fit any residential property. Our sliding doors maximise natural light inside and provide effortless flow outside. In addition to aesthetic appeal, these windows are also very durable and withstand the test of time, so you can continue hosting summer grill-outs for years to come.


Incorporate your unique style

When prepping your outdoor area, you’ll want to incorporate your style elements. Not only will this create a seamless transition from your interior decor to your outdoor decorations, but it is also fun to add a personal flair to your patio. 

Here are some of the top decor and entertaining ideas to tailor your alfresco space:

  • Use custom fabric on your outdoor cushions
  • Add soft lighting for ambiance
  • Add a rug near your outdoor furniture to complete the space
  • Pot or plant seasonal plants around your patio
  • Install speakers to play music while entertaining


Clean and maintain your outdoor area

Our patio sliding doors are made of weatherproof aluminium, resulting in a seamless and practical transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. These doors should be cleaned every few months to maintain their condition, or before guests arrive to create a spotless space.

Here are some quick tips to cleaning and maintaining your patio sliding glass doors. For more details, click here.

  • Wash and scrub door frames and glass
  • Rinse and lubricate all surfaces
  • Gently polish door frames

After washing your door frames, be sure to consider cleaning other areas of your outdoor patio. Deck maintenance is a crucial step when building an alfresco entertainment space. In order to maintain your outdoor space, you’ll want to wash your floors and furniture cushions, water your plants, and wipe down all tabletop surfaces before your first guests arrive.

Ready to invest in your dream backyard?

If you currently have a sliding glass door that needs some maintenance or you want to upgrade your outdoor entertainment space with a screen door that connects your indoor and outdoor areas, let’s get in touch.

With our sliding glass and screen doors, we can create the perfect alfresco area or patio to make your outdoor entertainment dreams come to life. Click here to get a free quote today!

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