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Top 5 Timeless Interior Design Elements


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Top 5 Timeless Interior Design Elements

Top 5 Timeless Interior Design Elements

Your home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Therefore, you probably want to maintain your property as best as you can. One way to keep your home in tip-top shape is with a timeless interior. Consider investing in design elements that will withstand the years — and that will look fantastic too.

In this article, we discuss key features that you can incorporate in your home to create a timeless ambiance, including leadlight windows, neutral wall colours, and so much more.

velvet chair in minimalist room

1. Invest in Quality Furniture

You’ve certainly heard the adage encouraging you to purchase “quality over quantity” of items. When it comes to home decor, this saying is true. By investing in well-built and thoughtfully designed furniture, you’ll build a collection of pieces that will last longer.

Keep in mind, quality furniture doesn’t necessarily equate to expensive furniture. Search for pieces that are made with durable upholstery and strong craftsmanship. 

All in all, simple yet sturdy furniture will last longer while elevating your space with timeless decoration.

double glazed timber windows

2. Decrease Clutter

Let’s face it, today’s homes are filled with modern gadgets. From cell phone cords to television wires to your kid’s newest tech toy, even the most contemporary technology can add clutter to your space.

For a timeless look, stash away cords and other tech-related devices. Nowadays, it’s easy to have your laptop charging nearby, without the distraction of wires. Try using a charging dock in your office or living room for your essential tech devices, like your mobile phone. Then, tuck away items that you don’t need easy access to, like an Apple TV or wifi router.

3. Create Openness throughout Your Space

Openness is key to a timeless space because it encourages relationships between rooms. Rather than feeling confined to one space in the house, various rooms can blend together. This is ideal for families, those hosting events, and those who desire simplicity in everyday living.

Even if your home isn’t designed with an open concept layout, there are ways to brighten and open any space. Try creating colour schemes that blend from one room to the next. Additionally, large windows will let in light. This has a twofold benefit as the light will open up each room and consistent lighting between rooms will elicit a smooth transition between spaces.

To achieve openness through windows, be sure to invest in quality glass and frames. If you’d like to replace or repair the glass in your home to enjoy flawless, secure windows, reach out to Action Glass & Aluminium.


4. Consider Leadlight and Stained Glass Windows

A leadlight window, or stained glass window, can function as a statement art piece in any room. Plus, this work of art is timeless, as it is designed to be part of the foundation of your home while complimenting the surrounding features. 

Leadlights come in a wide range of colour and style options. At Action Glass & Aluminium, we offer traditional, classic, and contemporary leadlight windows to add to the aesthetic of your home. 

Our leadlight window designs are custom made on commission. Or, if you already have a set of leadlight windows that needs repairing, we can restore your glass to its optimal condition.

rustic living room with windows and natural light

5. Opt for Neutral Wall Colours

Neutral wall colours are the epitome of timeless. These hues create a forever classic environment in your home. Consider painting walls, doors, and cabinets in shades of off-white, taupe, greige, and powder.

In addition, these neutral colours pair well with surrounding leadlights, art, and furniture. So, even if you change a rug or decor element within your home, the timeless neutral wall colours will remain.

Make Your Home Timeless, Today

Your house is a retreat that you spend adequate time in every day. You deserve to have a space that withholds the test of time, so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

If you’re interested in adding leadlight designs or double glazed leadlight windows to your timeless home, give us a call. It would be our pleasure to assist you with your leadlight windows and glass needs in Perth.

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