Innovative and Attractive
Security Doors & Windows

We design and manufacture security doors and windows that are innovative and attractive. They won’t compromise your home design but will enhance its architectural appeal and your safety.
Safety is our first priority, installing an all – inclusive security system can ensure the safety of your commercial and residential property. We can ensure that our security screen doors and windows are durable and custom built to match your home or office. 


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    Special Features


    The marine grade strength and unique fastening system offers fall protection, (especially good for small children) and prevents break-ins and theft.

    Custom Designed

    Custom made to blend with your building's exterior, the perforated screen allows for airflow all whilst ensuring max security with multi - point locking.

    Saves Money

    Saves money on glass replacements. Reduce theft-related damage costs. The steel mesh also aids insulation, helping you save more on power bills.

    Full Protection

    Inaccessible for small insects to enter the property. Leave stress at the door when you are away for the day or for a holiday knowing your home is protected.


    Security screens offer a durable and corrosion resistant solution, made from tempered marine grade aluminium with a distinctive perforated design. Uncompromising style, flexible design, and value for money; you’ll find a complete solution with IntrudaGuard.

    316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

    The strongest material in its class, manufactured from high-tensile stainless steel woven into a fine mesh. With maximum strength and durability, they are corrosion resistant and pass the knife shear test.

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    Types of Security

    Having security doors shouldn’t mean you have to compromise your ideal design for your home or office; there are a range of styles to choose from.
    • Security doors 
    • French Doors
    • Single and double doors
    • Hinged Doors
    • Sliding Doors
    • Stacker Doors

    Types of Security Windows

    Don’t settle on product lines that take the decision out of your hands. The windows to your home or office can come in a range of aesthetically pleasing choices.  
    • Awning Window
    • Casement Window
    • French Window
    • Sliding Window
    • Fixed Window
    • Quick Escape
    • Hinged Window


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    Safety is our priority, get a FREE estimated quote on security windows and doors today!

    Tested & Certified

    All our products have gone through rigorous tests to conform to the Australian safety standards. These tests include: 
    Dynamic Impact Test – determines the most accurate safety and performance of the product.
    Lock and Hinge Lever Test – simulating a jemmy attack using a narrow blade lever on each of the hinging, fastening, and locking points.
    Salt Spray Test – used to determine corrosion of the product in the presence of salt
    Knife Shear Test – knife to mesh to determine the product is anti-theft.
    Cyclone Rated – Australia is cyclone prone and requires home improvement products to adhere to this standard
    Fire Attenuation – in the case of a fire, will embers from fire pass the screens?
    Bushfire Test – Australia is also prone to bushfires; this test determines whether the screens can withstand a naked flame.

    Find Peace of Mind

    All grilles have been tested to conform to 5039 and 5041 Australian Standards. For that safe and secure feeling, you can’t go wrong with Action Glass & Aluminium.

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