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How Safe Is Your Security Screen Door?


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How Safe Is Your Security Screen Door?

How Safe Is Your Security Screen Door?

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When you select a security screen door, you choose the colour, the shape and the design. But what about the most important factor – safety and security? How do you know if the security doors you’re buying are built strong enough to keep out intruders? 

It comes down to choosing a trusted brand. One that goes above and beyond Australian Standards. You also want to know that your security doors are designed to handle Australia’s harsh conditions – including coastal living. Then, of course, comes installation. It’s no good purchasing a security door if it’s not installed correctly. 

As you can see, there’s plenty to think about before you buy. To help you with your selection, we’ll road test a couple of the top brands and point out what crucial elements define safe security screen doors. 


Materials used in Security Screen Doors

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Aluminium and Stainless Steel 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 90% of the Australian population lives within 100km of the coast. As one of the world’s most urbanised coastal populations, it makes sense that we should buy products that can handle coastal conditions. 

Two materials you should be looking for in security doors are aluminium and stainless steel. Both are strong materials and both are corrosion resistant. Heavy-duty aluminium is commonly used for the frame of the security screen while a marine grade aluminium alloy or a marine grade stainless steel is used for the mesh.   

Deciding between stainless steel and aluminium mesh is a personal choice. Both look very similar and both perform well against testing. Two of Australia’s top security screen models are Supascreen© and Intrudaguard©, both manufactured by Amplimesh. Supascreen© uses a high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel that is woven into a fine mesh – very strong and very secure. Intrudaguard© uses a tempered 5052 marine grade aluminium perforated design. 

While safety is the number one priority, aesthetics have also been carefully considered. Both the Amplimesh aluminium and stainless steel mesh screens use a unique method to secure the screen to the frame. This removes the need for any screws, rivets or other unsightly fixings. 


Testing for Security Screen Doors

Security Screen

All security screen doors need to undergo a series of thorough tests to ensure they comply with Australian Safety standards. As a bare minimum, security doors should comply with Australian Standard AS 5039 and AS 5041. There are some brands, like Amplimesh, that go above and beyond meeting a whole scale of tests that are designed to stop intruders in their tracks. These tests include:

Lock and Hinge Lever Test – This simulates a jemmy attack using a narrow blade on the hinge fastening and locking joints.

Salt Spray Test – Determines whether the metal will corrode in the presence of sea salt.

Knife Shear Test – Using a knife, the mesh is vigorously tested against multiple attempts at cutting.

Cyclone Rated – To ensure security screen doors and windows can withstand flying debris, the screen is shot with 8mm steel ball bearings.   

Fire Attenuation – Security screen doors are exposed to radiant heat to determine the percentage of heat blocked by the screen. 

Bushfire test – Security screens are tested to resist a bushfire attack level BAL-40.


Who should install your Security Screen Doors?

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It may not be the first consideration when buying a security screen door but choosing a quality installer is vital. Attempting to install your own security doors is not the wisest choice. You would hate to spend your money on a quality security door, only to install it incorrectly.

Your approved installer will also recommend the best type of locking system for your security doors. Currently, the multi-point locking system is preferred as it is highly secure from the outside while making it easy to operate from the inside. Plus, don’t forget to ask your installer for more hints and tips, like how to easily clean your new security screen.  

If you’ve got more questions, head to Action Glass and Aluminium’s FAQs on Security Screen Doors or contact the team. As Western Australia’s biggest independently owned glass company, Action Glass and Aluminium have the experience and products to help you safely secure your home.

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