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How to Clean Security Screen Doors


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How to Clean Security Screen Doors

How to Clean Security Screen Doors

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Once you install security screen doors and windows, keeping them in the best condition ensures they will function properly, and you will get the longest possible use out of them.

While cleaning screens might not be something you regularly do, it should be something you consider if you want your security doors and windows to look great and last for years to come. The good news is it isn’t something that has to be done frequently, just regularly, so two to four times a year is generally sufficient unless you live in a high dirt, smog, or pollutant area where it is advised you clean the security screen more often.

The only area where cleaning is recommended at least every other week, if not weekly, is in seaside locations where salt air can damage the screen if it isn’t removed promptly. Not only does the cleaning keep the security doors and windows functioning their best, it also keeps the overall appearance of your residence or business at its best.

Cleaning a security screen isn’t that different to cleaning a regular door or window screen, there are just a few things to consider for the material it is made out of. Generally, flyscreens and mesh are fairly flimsy and cheap to replace if they are broken. Security screens, on the other hand, are made of higher quality material like stainless steel or aluminium and can require a special installation so it’s better to properly clean them to prevent unnecessary replacements.

How you clean your screens will depend on the size and style of the screen, the material it is made from, and the intensity of the cleaning project. If you have a commercial building that is cleaned by a service, let them know they will need to adjust for security screens.

Smart steps to safely clean your security screen:

To clean a window or door security screen, it is best and common practice to remove the screen by unlocking it and then placing it on a tarpaulin to start:

  1. If the screen is full of dust and loose dirt, take a handheld vacuum or dry soft bristle brush and remove as much of it as possible before getting the screen wet. Use as little pressure as possible and only use the lower vacuum setting to avoid damaging the screen via high suction. While security screens are tougher than a regular screen, the metal can still be bent and that could compromise the integrity of its performance.
  2. Apply a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to the screen with a microfiber cloth, gentle sponge, or soft bristle brush and gently scrub the screen. Make sure to keep water out of the lock to avoid damage and to frequently dip your cleaning tool in the water to prevent damage from dirt.
  3. Once the entire screen has been scrubbed, hose it off or rinse with clean water before the suds have dried. Remove the excess water with a towel by blotting it then allow the screen to dry standing up in the sun.
  4. After it has dried, reinstall the screen. Use graphite powder on the locks if they seem to be stiff to keep them functioning properly.

If the screen isn’t able to be removed, use a vacuum hose attachment with a gentle brush or try an air compressor to “blow” off dirt, dust, and buildup.

Use a mild detergent or even dish soap in a highly diluted ratio for the washing step. It isn’t advisable to ever use harsh or abrasive cleaning products as the metal could be damaged. While scratches can be gently buffed out, the coating on some security screens shouldn’t be compromised.

Maintaining your security doors and screens is an easy way to keep your property protected and looking great. If you are currently using screens and would like to update your security system, we can help you get started. With a wide range of product lines on offer, made from stainless steel or aluminium mesh, your security screen doors and windows exist to secure your home, increase privacy, and provide safety. With great custom design options, they offer storm, bushfire and hurricane protection. If you live in the Perth Metro area, contact us for a free measure and quote.

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