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5 Subtle Ways Windows can Influence your Interior Design


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5 Subtle Ways Windows can Influence your Interior Design

5 Subtle Ways Windows can Influence your Interior Design

Windows are one of the most essential features of your home. They invite natural light in, allow for airflow and provide views to your garden and neighbourhood.

Windows define the room they’re in, meaning your interior design choices will be impacted by the windows you have. Knowing this, have you ever taken the time to think about how your windows influence the mood, light, or temperature of your room?

If you haven’t, then read on to find out how you can design your room to work with the type of windows you have (or might want to have).

window treatments kitchen glass windows

1. Window treatments

Window treatments include timber shades, blinds and shutters, as well as curtains, drapes, and roman blinds. They can be used to control everything from the amount of light your room gets to how hot or cold it is.

For instance, if you have double glazed windows, then your room will be warmer in the winter months, meaning you can use lighter drapes or timber shades. If it isn’t double glazed, a heavy curtain would be a great way to retain heat.

Window treatments can also make your room feel big or small. By placing your curtains high above the window, you can make a small room feel larger, by drawing your eye upwards.

If you want to make the room feel cosier, then hanging the curtains lower to make the space feel more intimate.

closet with floor length mirror and natural light

2. Lighting and colour choice

The size of your windows will affect your selection of lighting and colour options. As a rule, natural light should be embraced, as it will make your room feel warm and vibrant, creating an appealing space to spend time in.

If you have small windows, and only limited amounts of natural light, then dark colours should be avoided, as they will make your room feel crowded and gloomy.

Instead, select bright colours for your walls and furnishings, installing mirrors and additional lights to increase the impact of any natural light.

rustic living room with windows and natural light

3. Furniture style and selection

Your windows will impact both the style and placement of your furniture selection.

If you have lots of large windows in a room, (common in large commercial spaces) then your furniture will need to have a low profile, so it doesn’t block views and natural light.

Alternatively, a limited number of windows in your room will allow for wall-mounted artworks and taller furniture items such as floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

It’s best to match the style of your room to your windows. If you have a sleek, modern aluminium windows, then lighter, modernist stylings are likely to suit your room. Alternatively, an older, more rustic timber window could be nicely paired with antique and vintage furniture.

modern home with glass wall

4. Heating and cooling

Your windows and the direction they’re facing in will impact how hot or cold your room is.

Windows that let in large amounts of summer, morning or afternoon sun can create excessively hot rooms. This can be combated with insulated glass or double glazing, to help keep the heat low and cost of energy down.

It also provides an exciting interior design opportunity, as you can install sculptural overhead fans or shutters that allow for cool breezes, as stylish and practical cooling additions.

bedroom with floor windows and natural light

5. Framing the view

While the above options all look at how your existing windows impact your interior design, what if you’re lucky enough choose new windows for your home with the help of an architect or contractor?

If this is the case, then determining what your windows will look out onto and which views you want them to capture is a high starting point.

Floor to ceiling windows might be appropriate where you have sweeping views of the ocean or the countryside. Or, if you’re in a bustling urban environment, curtain windows could be a good option, offering a balance of privacy and natural light.

For window selection and interior design tips, as well as quality and affordable window supply in Perth, then reach out to the Action Glass team – we’re always happy to help.

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