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Window Glass Replacement or Repair – What’s the best option?


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Window Glass Replacement or Repair – What’s the best option?

Window Glass Replacement or Repair – What’s the best option?


Winter is always a good time to check your home insulation. You’ll want to ensure you’ve sealed any potential air leaks so you’re not losing heat out of your home or letting cold air in. The first step is to check your doors and windows are in good working order.

If you’ve discovered any cracks or damage to your windows, you’ll need to look at getting them repaired or replaced. So, what’s the best option?  

Let’s take a look at when you should repair a window and when replacement is the only option.

When can I repair a window?

water leaking glass panel

When your supplier talks about repairing a window, they mean whether they can use existing parts of the window (i.e. the frame). If there is damage to a panel of glass, there’s very little they can do but replace the whole glass.  If you’ve discovered the following issues with your windows, ask your glazier about repairing before replacement.

  • Broken or cracked glass: Whether it’s minor or major damage to a pane of glass, you should be able to replace the glass without replacing the frame.  
  • Rotting, split mullions: Windows with worn or brittle putty securing single-glass panes can be fixed by cleaning the area and applying fresh putty. You also need to install new glazier points to keep the glass in place.
  • Stuck, immobile sashes: There are several possible reasons sashes could get stuck. It could be due to several layers of paint on the sash and frame keeping the two stuck together, or it could be because of the sash going off track. 
  • Damaged window casing: Aside from being unsightly, damaged or missing window casing can lead to irreversible window damage. The affected casing can still be replaced, however, without the need to get rid of the entire window.

When is window glass replacement the best option?

New replaced window

In the following cases, replacement would make better sense than attempting a repair as its benefits can easily offset window glass replacement costs.

  • Rotting wood: If you have wooden frames and have discovered water or mould damage, these will need to be completely replaced. Changing to an aluminium frame will avoid any water damage in the future.
  • Damaged panes: There are times when a damaged window pane means you will have to replace the entire window. This is especially true if the glass set within vinyl frames is already cracked. If possible, opt for a better-quality window frame as a replacement.
  • Worn or broken seals: Window seals can crack or break due to wear and tear and temperature fluctuations. Broken seals are irreversible problems because when the seal is broken, it would be hard to recover the pane. A broken seal usually indicates a need to replace the window entirely.
  • Draughty windows: Windows that are closed and yet are unable to keep draughts out may have cracked or peeled caulking, wood rot or ageing weather-stripping. While caulking can be done to seal gaps, the rest of the problems leading to draughts entail total window replacement.

Long-term effects of a broken window

Having broken windows threatens the safety and security of your home as these are open invitations to would-be burglars or thieves. Broken windows are inefficient windows, too, in terms of building insulation, heating performance and keeping out noise. Damaged windows also look unsightly.

So, the moment your glass window is broken, you should contact your window glass replacement specialist and get advice on the best course of action.

Window glass replacement in Perth

If you’re wondering about who to talk to about window replacement glass in Perth, your best option is Action Glass & Aluminium.

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