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What to consider for your shopfront window


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What to consider for your shopfront window

What to consider for your shopfront window

In our technology-filled age, online marketing plays a huge role in promoting your business. But, once they get to your store, it’s often your shopfront window that greets customers and does a lot of the talking. Your shopfront window says a lot about your business, and can be a pretty powerful tool in getting people through the doors.  

Let’s take a look at five key ways you can utilise a shopfront window to influence and shape your business.  

Shop window branding & design

Your window can be more than a window — it can also act as a sign. From frosted glass finishes to splashes of colour, your window provides ample real estate, especially if your exterior wall space is limited. Having something designed that aligns with your branding will go a long way in boosting professionalism and street appeal.  

Barber Shopfront Window

Display Window

Signage is a great start, but it’s usually not enough. One of the most obvious and practical shopfront window uses is the humble display window. It’s a windoerful chance to showcase your best sellers and new products, as well as create attractive sale displays to entice those shoppers that can’t say “no” to a bargain. 

If you’re a service-based business, you can use this space to advertise services to potential customers instead. For example, if you’re a café, you could strategically place your coffee machine and counter by the window so people can see your barista skills in action. 

Shop window

Shopfront light and comfort

Shopfront windows take up a large portion of your wall, allowing ample natural light and visual warmth to stream in. In a study published in the Clinical Sleep Medicine Journal, it was discovered that people who are exposed to more light at work have a good night’s rest. An article by Healthline also shared that natural light boosts Vitamin D and defends against depression. In other words, any employee or customer coming through your doors will reap the aesthetic and health benefits of natural light, and enjoy being in a comfortable space which promotes productivity.


Shop front windows provide an opportunity to monitor suspicious customer movements outside your premises. Commercial glass is also strong and durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rain, and hail. At Action Glass, the majority of our shopfronts are constructed using aluminium framing, which is strong, durable and incredibly versatile. The shopfront glass is generally laminated safety glass or toughened glass — a protective layer prevents intruders from easily breaking the glass.

Energy efficiency

We’ve already mentioned large shopfront windows light up your room. Depending on the positioning of your store, this might even mean less manmade light requirements, keeping electricity bills down. You might also like to consider how windows affect the temperature of your space — windows naturally warm your store and also keep out the freezing cool. Action Glass can also install energy-efficient, insulated glass, double-glazed glass, and tinted glass for an added layer of sun and UV protection.

Resale Value

If you own your property and a time comes when you want to sell your store, open, quality shopfront windows will improve the resale value of your property. In most cases, investing in quality windows today translates in a high return on investment later. You also have the potential to attract more real estate interest thanks to the opportunity the store has in displaying products and services.

The easy shopfront glass choice

We supply, install, and repair all variety of commercial glass — including shopfront requirements. We’re ready to help you attract more business with beautiful shopfront glass in a window, door, or automatic sliding doors. Contact our team of glass specialists today for a free quote.

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