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Refresh your home décor with black glass frames


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Refresh your home décor with black glass frames

Refresh your home décor with black glass frames

Black has become a popular trend in home décor, and for good reason. A versatile, neutral colour; it works with a variety of design styles and can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room.  

One classic way to feature black into your home is in glass framing. Black shower screen frames, black mirror frames and black window frames are just a few ways you can integrate this stylish colour into your home. 

Black Shower Screen Frames

Black Shower Screen Frames

Black shower screen frames are a perfect way to elevate your bathroom. Use them to create a chic, timeless feel and make your shower the focal point of the room with clean, bold lines. Black shower screen frames pair well with a variety of design styles, from modern to traditional, and will complement a range of different materials, such as marble or subway tiles. 

Black Mirror Frames

A home décor staple, mirrors are an excellent way to add some sparkle to your living areas. They brighten rooms by reflecting light and create the illusion of a more expansive space. Black mirror frames provide a dramatic contrast to light and bright mirrors, which produces a striking effect. They’re a versatile design piece since their dimensions are so flexible. You could try a wide statement mirror or something smaller and creatively placed to flaunt those black accents. 

Black Window Frames

Black window frames are stylish, yet practical. While an elegant addition to any home, they’re great for hiding the dust and dirt which builds up much too quickly on windowsills. Black window frames add depth and interest to a room. While they sing amongst a neutral palette, they can be paired with a range of materials, such as wood or concrete, to embody a variety of design styles.  

Windows with Black Glass Accents, Action Glass

Black Glass Accents

In addition to black framing, glass is another way to incorporate black accents into your home. Lean into a monochromatic kitchen with a black glass tiled backsplash; durable, practical, and great for creating dramatic effect. Black glass accents in your light fixtures offer a more subtle decorative influence; they’re often a more delicate piece which harmonises with other black elements for a sophisticated, cohesive space. 

If you’re looking to refresh your home decor, consider black for its versatility in most design styles and for a dash of elegance. Shower, window and mirror frames are all stylish ways to incorporate black accents into your home. They create clean, bold lines which contrast with bright interiors for a stunning visual. Black glass framing is an investment which offers aesthetic appeal and practicality ideal for home décor. 

Whichever solution you’re after, Action Glass can help. We work with powder coated premium aluminium to create high-quality framed shower screens, custom mirrors, and window frames. Contact our team today for a free quote. 

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