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Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows


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Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows

Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows

Should I replace my aluminum windows?

As window replacement specialists, we’ve seen every reason under the sun for a aluminum window replacement. You probably have more than one reason to replace your windows without even realising it. Let’s dive into primary reasons we recommend replacing the windows in your home. 

1. Energy efficiency.

Even when there’s nothing faulty with your existing windows, if they’re old, they’re likely to be inefficient when it comes to energy. With each new energy efficient window, your home becomes better insulated. It’s a natural way to keep heat in in winter and cool in in summer.  

Plus, any heaters and air conditioning systems you have won’t need to work as hard to do their respective tasks. And of course, less energy is good for the environment and your bank account! If you replace all your old windows with energy-efficient counterparts, you’ll quickly notice your electricity bill is reduced.

Open window with view of foliage

2. Increased house value.

You can easily drive up house value with new aluminum windows. Aside from the energy-efficiency home buyers search for, new windows (glass and frames) also look great and boost your home’s value based on aesthetics. 

3. Improved view.

Old windows have a bad habit of showing their age, which makes your whole house look like an antique (and not in a good way). Glass becomes cloudy if not looked after properly over time, and years of sun damage often requires more than a good scrub. Replacing is often the only option for a totally clear view.  

Replace aluminum windows with Action Glass for a clear view

4. Decreased noise.

If you live in the city, in a high-traffic area, or in close proximity to a busy property (such as a school or ambulance depot), you might find the constant noise bothersome. New windows can help minimise the outside noise. Although it won’t be totally soundproofed, noise from barking dogs, loud vehicles, sirens, and more will be hugely reduced.   

Your newfound silence comes with the ability to rest easy, enjoy a movie or good book in peace, and even sleep better.  

5. Broken & battered windows.

This is the most common reason for a window replacement. Obviously if you have a smashed window, it needs to be replaced as a matter of urgency. However, we also see replacements for termite-damaged frames, windows that no longer open and seem ”glued shut”, and well as mold-damaged frames where the mold has penetrated too deep to clean.  

6. Increased security.

Today, windows can be installed with all manner of bolts and locks, as well as protective security mesh next to the glass. With new technology, windows can also be integrated with existing security systems. For example, so your home alarm will sound were a window to open at nighttime or while you’re on holiday. 

Energy efficient glass window with view of mountain

Replace your windows with Action Glass

If you were on the fence about whether you need your aluminum windows replaced, hopefully we’ve cleared things up for you and made your decision easier.  

As we said earlier, one of the biggest benefits of window replacement comes down to your home’s energy efficiency. Modern windows not only look great, but help you save money overtime with reduced power bills. It really is an investment that pays for itself!  

To get you started, we’re offering a free window replacement estimate. Simply get in touch to get started. 

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