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Louvre Windows For Ventilation


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Louvre Windows For Ventilation

Louvre Windows For Ventilation

Louvre windows are a stylish choice for a well-ventilated house. These windows feature individual slats fitted horizontally into a frame, which can be angled open or shut. They’re a popular choice for buildings in tropical areas, as they’re specifically designed to let light and air into the building. Whether you’re building a new house or getting home window glass replacement, find out why louvre windows are the right choice.

How do Louvre Windows Create Ventilation?

The slat design of louvre windows makes them perfect for facilitating ventilation. These windows allow double the amount of air compared to a regular window. In fact, louvres provide the maximum amount of ventilation that any window can provide. A sliding window can only open to allow 50% of all possible airflow, while awning windows only open to allow 30% of possible airflow. When fully opened, louvre windows can allow 98% of all possible airflow – and even better, they can be angled to encourage more or less airflow depending on your needs.

Why is Ventilation Important?

Many people think that ventilation is just a pleasant bonus to a house, but it’s actually far more important. There are a range of benefits to proper ventilation, including:

Preventing Condensation

Condensation happens from water vapour, and can cause mould to gather. Ultimately, this can damage the structure of a building, and can be very costly to repair. Proper ventilation can prevent the build-up of condensation and prevent mould.

Reduce Asthma and Hay Fever Triggers

Pollutants such as dust mites, pollen, and other particles can build up in the air without proper ventilation. Healthy airflow can help to clear these and prevent asthma and hay fever attacks.

Clear Out Airborne Chemicals

Most home have high levels of airborne chemicals, which can be dangerous to inhale – especially over a long period of time. Household cleaning agents, air fresheners, gas burners, and paint all have chemicals which can build up in the air. Ventilation can help to clear these.

Reduce Sickness

Poor ventilation means that airborne viruses can remain suspended in the air for longer. This means that if someone is sick, you’re more likely to catch it. This has been noted by many governments in their response to Covid-19.

Ventilation diffuses airborne virus particles, preventing them from building up and decreasing the risk of infection.

Bathroom with glass louvre

Other Benefits of Louvre Windows

Adjustable Slats

The adjustable nature of louvre windows means that you’re in control of how much breeze enters the house, and the direction of the airflow. These slats also mean that the windows can stay open during gentle rain without letting water through, so long as they are angled properly.

Energy Efficiency

Instead of wasting energy on fans or air conditioning, louvre windows allow you to harness the breeze for cooling down your house.


The adjustable slats can be angled so that others can’t see into your house, even when they are open to allow airflow.

Easy to Clean

Louvre windows can be cleaned on both sides from the inside of the house. This makes the cleaning process easier, especially for during harsh weather conditions.

You’re In Control

The adjustable nature of louvre windows means that you’re in full control of how much air and sunlight to let into the house. If the windows are designed properly, you will be able to close them tight, so that no air can get through.

Where To Get Louvre Windows

If you’re building a new house or you just want to update your windows, louvre windows are the perfect choice. Our professional team can guide you through the process of getting them installed – contact us today for a free quote.

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