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Improve child safety in your home with window security screens


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Action Glass

Improve child safety in your home with window security screens

Improve child safety in your home with window security screens

Looking for a child-safe window solution for your home?

Consider Action Glass for window security screens to provide your home with long-lasting safety, protection and amenity. Our screens prevent falls and accidents without having to restrict window openings, so you can still enjoy plenty of light, views and ventilation. With our custom-made screen options, your windows can look good while providing safety for your family.

Read on to explore the key benefits you’ll gain by installing Action Glass window security screens.

Child safety

One of the lesser recognised child safety risks in the home is its windows. It only takes a mere moment for unsupervised children to make their way through a window or off a balcony, leaving them injured or worse. Sadly, it’s a common enough issue to have prompted the need for campaigns, such as Kids Don’t Fly. At Action Glass, our window security screens are manufactured and installed to ensure they’re equipped to handle the impacts of spirited children.


While they prevent children from falling out, our security screens offer full protection from anything coming in – bugs, pests, burglars, etc. They’re made of a durable, break-proof stainless steel mesh, which is corrosion-resistant and cannot be cut or punctured by knives or crowbars.

Natural light & ventilation

As well as being an important home safety feature, our security screens won’t inhibit the primary function of your windows. They allow for plenty of natural light and ventilation, without obstructing the view outside with unsightly bars or grilles.

Custom construction

Manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel, our window security screens are a one-time investment. The construction of our screens and the quality of the materials we use ensure your windows will retain their functionality for many years. With a variety of customisable options, they’re safe and suitable for all types of windows without compromising their aesthetic appeal.


Most importantly, our window screens are built to Australian Standard AS5039 for Security Doors and Windows and are rigorously tested for strength and resistance to ensure they comply.

Action Glass window security screens will protect your family from falls and keep your home safe from intruders. While a durable safety feature, they also allow for plenty of sunlight and airflow, and can be customised to the design of your home. Our screens are the ideal option for those who want a quick and long-lasting installation which doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal.

For a window solution that looks good and functions even better, Action Glass is the clear choice. With over 50 years in the business, our experienced team will have no problem creating a solution you’ll love. Contact us today for a free quote.

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