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How to ventilate your house


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How to ventilate your house

How to ventilate your house

Have you ever walked into your home and felt like the air was stale? That stale-air phenomenon is often something we experience when coming home after a holiday but really, can happen whenever ventilation in the home is poor. Ventilation isn’t just about ridding your home of “old air” — it helps circulate indoor and outdoor air to prevent a build of up airborne germs, dust, toxins, chemicals, moisture, and carbon monoxide. All of these can be damaging to your property and your health.

With many people housebound thanks to lockdowns and self-isolation, ventilation awareness is on the rise and quality airflow is more important than ever. So, how can you effectively ventilate your home?

1. Bring in the fresh air

Fresh air is the best — and often, easiest — way to ventilate your home. Opening doors and windows will help circulate the air, letting fresh air in and old air out. It’s better to have these as wide as possible, but even a small opening will work wonders. Of course, only do this if it’s safe to do so — consider the weather, your pets and children, local air pollution, and your allergies before taking any action. 

Rather than leaving your home totally exposed with multiple entry points, investing in mesh security doors and windows is essential. This will allow fresh air to flow through your doors and windows without compromising on safety.  

Close-up photograph of airfilter

2. Filter the air you have

Sometimes, opening a door or window just isn’t viable. In this case, or in addition to point one, air filters (sometimes called air purifiers) can be a great help. These improve the air quality by removing microscopic dust, debris, pollen, and nano-sized particles from the aerial environment. It’s becoming popular for people moved to hotel quarantine (where you can’t open a window) to bring a portable air filter with them to help support a clean air environment. 

If you have air conditioning in your home, ensure the filters are cleaned and changed regularly to eliminate the buildup of harmful bacteria. We recommended having your air con checked by a professional annually to make sure it is operating efficiently and safely — especially in summer.  

Exhaust fan installation

3. Use exhaust fans

Modern (and even not-so-modern) homes have built-in exhaust points, like above your stove and in the bathrooms. Overall, they improve air flow by keeping virus particles from being concentrated in one place. Although they won’t bring fresh air in, these fans are designed to remove potentially harmful air and take it outside, so use them when you’re in the immediate area.  

Image of air vent above shower

Fresh air never looked so good

As Perth’s go-to window and door specialists, we know a thing or two about ventilating homes with quality mesh screens. If you’re not sure whether these miracle-working marvels are right for your home, check out our Myth-Busting Mesh Blog and our handy Guide to Security Window Screens. You’ll quickly learn that our screens are practical and look great! When you’re ready, contact us for a free quote. 

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