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How To Modernise Your Home With Glass Louvres


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How To Modernise Your Home With Glass Louvres

How To Modernise Your Home With Glass Louvres

Glass Louvres - Frosted

Louvre windows have always been an important feature in Australian homes. They are minimally obtrusive, highly functional and easy to maintain. Not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re looking for a window option to help modernise your home, here’s a handy guide to help you understand more about these versatile window types.

Using Glass Louvres as a Design Feature

Glass Louvres on building

Over the years, the design and function of glass louvres has evolved. Modern louvre windows are often made with more solid materials than traditional windows and are aesthetically suitable for both contemporary and classic homes.

Just like other window types, you can customise your louvre windows and select a glass treatment to help control heat gain and loss or to achieve a certain look.

For example, frosted glass louvres made of Satina glass (which is sandblasted) have a very smooth and attractive finish that’s suitable for most architectural design styles. Satinlite glass is another type of frosted glass. It has a very slightly rough appearance that you may find attractive if you want a more textured look.

Best Rooms in the Home to add Glass Louvres

Breezway louvre windows in bedroom

One of the great benefits of louvre glass windows is their ability to let in light and help ventilate a room. This is why you often see louvre windows used in bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas.

If you have an upstairs room that tends to get hot in summer, adding louvre windows will help you fully capture the sea breeze and turn your upstairs oven into a comfortable chill-out zone.

Louvre windows are also a great addition to any alfresco area. Not only are they stylish, they are also unobtrusive, so you won’t lose any of your backyard views.

The Benefits of Glass Louvres

Cleaning Glass Louvres

If you’re still wondering if glass louvres are right for your home, here’s five reasons to give them a second thought:

Controlled Ventilation 

Louvre windows provide superior ventilation as they allow you to completely open up the window area, partly open the window or completely shut it – which is perfect for hot climates. When fully closed, the windows can shut out the wind without shutting out the light.

Unobstructed Views

Clear glass louvre windows offer a virtually uninterrupted view whether they are open or closed.

Low Maintenance

You may be surprised to know that louvre windows are easier to clean than standard windows. You can clean both sides of the glass from inside the home. That’s a huge time saver for second storey windows.  


Even with minimal care and maintenance, glass louvre windows will last for decades. To get an even longer life, choose a solid aluminium frame.

Energy Efficient

With louvre windows, you can save on cooling costs as they provide excellent ventilation. If installed in a kitchen or bathroom, louvre windows will easily let hot air out. 

The Benefits of Aluminium Frames for Glass Louvres


Breezway louvre windows

Aluminium window frames are lightweight, durable and strong. Even with minimal care your aluminium frame will last decades longer than other materials like wood and are resistant to termites. 

Aluminium is also an extremely strong metal that holds up well to humid, corrosive coastal air as it doesn’t rot, warp or corrode. 

Aluminium metal frames are also manufactured in a range of rich and luxurious finishes to match your existing decor.

Replacing your existing windows with glass louvres

Glass Louvres stacked

If you want to replace your existing window with glass louvres in Perth, talk to the team at Action Glass and Aluminium.

Action Glass has been supplying Perth residents and commercial properties with glass louvre windows for over 50 years. All their glass and aluminium frames are manufactured in Perth and comply with all Australian Standards.

To find out more or to explore the range of louvre windows available, contact Action Glass now

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