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How To Make Your Aluminium Windows Break-In Proof


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How To Make Your Aluminium Windows Break-In Proof

How To Make Your Aluminium Windows Break-In Proof

Aluminium Windows

If you are looking to increase the security of your commercial or residential property, aluminium windows are a great option. Not only are aluminium windows durable, but they also look great, are energy-efficient, and low maintenance compared to other windows.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you a few different ways you can use to secure your aluminium windows to ensure your property is protected from intruders.

Invest in security windows

Construction worker installing window in house. Handyman fixing the window with screwdriver

Installing security windows are a great first step to increasing the security of your home. Our windows feature marine-grade strength and a unique fastening system to ensure maximum security. Plus, they are custom designed to match your home or office.

And of course, to improve security be sure to keep your windows locked. Any time you leave your home or go to sleep lock up your windows.

Use high-quality window locks

Depending on how your windows are fitted, certain locks may be more effective than others. Be sure to consider your window style, frame, and casement when selecting locks. Here are some of the most common lock types:

Key track stop: This type of lock attaches anywhere on a window track. It is positioned so that windows can only open a certain amount. Key track stops are especially effective when used with sliding aluminium windows.

Hinged wedge lock: Similar to a key track stop, a hinged wedge lock allows windows to open only to your desired amount. However, these locks are typically used with double-hung windows. Additionally, when the wedge is pushed over, the window can be opened completely.

Sash locks: A sash lock uses a lock, latch, and handle mechanism to keep windows shut and safe. They add an extra layer of security to many window types.

Flip locks: These simple locks are easily installed. Keep in mind, flip locks may not be as secure as other lock options. 

Add security cameras to your property

White cctv outside the building, security system


Installing security cameras — in addition to window security — is an ideal way to protect your property. Not only do visible cameras deter potential burglars, but they also allow you to monitor your home. 

Nowadays smart cameras are incredibly accessible. Once installed you can view any recorded areas at all times through apps on your computer and smartphone.

Install motion-sensor lights

Motion-sensor lights, also known as floodlights, illuminate when movement is detected – they help alert you to any movement around your property, can startle would-be intruders and also help you navigate the outside of your property at night.

Additionally, many motion-sensor lights are now compatible with security cameras and app alerts so you always be made aware when there is movement around your property.

Opt for double glazed windows or tempered glass

To get the most security out of your windows, make sure that you’re installing double-glazed windows or tempered glass. Both of these make break-ins harder, improve energy efficiency, and more durable compared to standard glass windows.

Install security window screens


Available in various customizable options, security window screens are an essential way to add safety to your home. Not only will these screens impede break-ins, but they will also keep your pets and children safe from falls.

At Action Glass & Aluminium, we can fit security screens to all types of windows, including awning, casement, French, fixed, hinged, sliding, and many more!

Safer windows are waiting for you…

Are you wanting to install aluminium windows and doors? Or, are you looking to repair your existing windows? If so, contact one of our team today – we have been providing glass and glazing solutions to the people of Perth, WA for over 50 years and we are confident we can get you the windows you desire.

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