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Ultimate Guide to Mirrors: Types, Cleaning, Hanging and More!


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Ultimate Guide to Mirrors: Types, Cleaning, Hanging and More!

Ultimate Guide to Mirrors: Types, Cleaning, Hanging and More!

There are few items in our home that can transform a space as quickly and as efficiently as a mirror; they can be used as a statement in your home’s entryway, as a focal point atop mantles and fireplaces, or as a feature surface in your dining room.

Mirrors can change the feeling and energy of a room. To make the most of a mirror in your home, it’s just as important to know how to select the right one for your space as it is to know how to keep it clean and looking great.

This guide will show you where you might need a mirror in your home. It’s also the ultimate step-by-step process to choosing, hanging, and taking care of your mirrors.

Why mirrors are the perfect décor for your home

Mirrors are often used to make rooms feel bigger. Their reflection increases the room’s visual depth, creating an illusion that makes our eyes feel as if they are moving across a far larger area. This effect is most noticeable when mirrors are placed opposite windows, reflecting views of the outside world inside your space.

Mirrors also increase the brightness of rooms by reflecting natural and artificial light. This makes areas feel lighter and appear larger, enhancing the quality of the light in the space.

Above all, mirrors are essential and particularly helpful in the bedroom or bathroom. They allow you to see yourself exactly as you are, giving you space for contemplation (and hopefully some admiration) before stepping out into the world.

Big Wall Hanging Mirror


Choosing the right type of mirror

There are three types of mirrors; to maximise your desired effect, it’s important to choose the right one. Plane mirrors are the most common and reflect spaces with normal proportions. Concave mirrors curve inwards, magnifying features, and convex mirrors burst outwards making the image reflected smaller.

We’re fortunate mirrors can now easily be cut and sized to fit any space. All three of these mirror types can be customised and applied to a range of surfaces, in varying sizes throughout your home.

This can include full-length mirrors that fit inside closets or run the length of a room, wall mounted mirrors that can be framed or unframed, or mirrored surfaces like backsplashes or tabletops.

Advances in technology also mean mirrors now appear in a range of colours, tones, and finishes. All of this means you can get a custom mirror fit perfectly for your home.

Hook for hanging mirror


How to hang a mirror

Mirrors can be hung and mounted in a range of ways.

As a starting point you will need to work out what type of wall you have; most likely, it’s drywall, plaster or masonry. From here, the mounting method you choose will depend on the size and type of mirror.

For lighter mirrors, a simple hook screwed into the wall may be enough to hold it. For heavier mirrors cleats or brackets may be required.

As a side note, if you’re mounting the mirror by hanging it from a frame, check that it’s structurally sound and can hold the weight of the mirror. If the frame doesn’t look strong enough, reinforce it with brackets.

How to clean a mirror

Once your mirror is up on the wall, it’s important you keep it looking great.

To keep your mirror clean and streak free, spray a combination of water and vinegar onto a microfibre cloth, and wipe it across the surface of the mirror. Do this in a back and forth motion to avoid streaking.

Clean off any hard spots, like makeup or toothpaste, using a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Modern bathroom with mirror



And there you have it! You have now covered all the bases of choosing, hanging and cleaning your ideal mirror.

Want to get beautiful custom mirrors in Perth for your home or business? Contact Action Glass today to get a free quote or get started.

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