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Got a water leak? Here’s what you should do


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Got a water leak? Here’s what you should do

Got a water leak? Here’s what you should do

Now that winter is in full swing, many of us may find ourselves in the dreaded position of dealing with water leaks. That ordinarily beautiful sound of rain hammering the roof turns gut-wrenching when you’ve got a leak.

These unwelcome intrusions can occur at various points of a window, floor, ceiling, roof or even the brickwork. Addressing water leaks adequately is crucial for preventing further damage and potential health hazards. By taking appropriate and prompt action, you can avoid costly repairs, protect the integrity of your property and maintain a safe living environment.

In this article, we’ll outline the basic steps for tackling water leaks effectively and efficiently, ensuring you save both time and money in the process.

#1: Identify the source

The very first step is to determine where the leak is coming from.

Pinpointing the origin of the water leak is key. It’s not worth embarking on a guessing game which could result in failed solution attempts and/or additional damage to your property.

We recommend engaging a leak-detection company to assess your property and find the source of the leak. These specialists have the expertise and specialised equipment to accurately locate the origin of the leak, even in hard-to-reach or hidden areas. Their knowledge and experience will give you a comprehensive assessment of the situation, without the need for unnecessary exploratory work or guesswork.

Rather than hoping, you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly where the leak is coming from.

#2: Get a report

After completing their assessment of your property, the leak-detection company will provide you with a detailed report of the problem and propose a recommended solution.

This report will guide you through the most appropriate course of action for your specific situation. This will ensure any repair work you’re required to undertake will be effective, saving you time and money by avoiding trial and error approaches.

Whether it’s a simple fix, such as replacing a silicone seal, or something more major, like replacing your windows, the report will save you from unhelpful guesswork and paying for multiple visits from tradesmen with no guarantee the problem will get resolved.

#3: Take action

Armed with the professional report, you’ll know what the problem is and how to fix it.

This not only saves you valuable time but also prevents wasted expenditures on ineffective remedies. The recommended actions will address the root cause of the leak, offering a complete resolution that saves you from recurrent water intrusion.

It’s important to take action and make repairs promptly, whether you can perform them yourself or will need to hire a professional. Leaving water leaks uncorrected can cause extensive damage, potential structural issues and mould growth.


Water leaks can be a distressing and costly issue, particular during the winter months. By engaging a reputable leak-detection company and obtaining a detailed report, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to address the issue accurately. With this systematic approach, you can bypasses the need for trial and error, saving you time, money and frustration, so you can enjoy the comfort of a cosy, dry home.

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