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Expert Window Repairs for Our Malaga Warehouse


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Action Glass

Expert Window Repairs for Our Malaga Warehouse

Expert Window Repairs for Our Malaga Warehouse

Did you know the Action Glass warehouse sits in the bustling industrial district of Malaga? So, we know maintaining the integrity and appearance of commercial properties is not just about aesthetics; it’s crucial for business operations. Recently, we demonstrated our commitment to business continuity and expert glass repair in a comprehensive job at our own warehouse. 


Project Overview 

Our Malaga warehouse faced multiple issues with its window installations, including deteriorated seals and compromised silicone joints. These are critical for maintaining insulation and security. With a sense of urgency, we deployed a skilled team of glaziers equipped with an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) to tackle the high-up challenges efficiently. 

The Challenge

The main challenge was the scale and accessibility of the window repairs. Several windows located at considerable heights required precise and safe repairs, necessitating the use of an EWP. Moreover, the need for minimal disruption during business hours was paramount to prevent any operational downtime for the warehouse. 

Solution & Execution

The Action Glass team, known for our swift response times and efficiency, began by assessing the extent of damage and planning the repair process to align with the warehouse’s operational hours. The repairs involved silicone work and replacement of worn-out rubbers, essential for window durability and weather resistance. 

Using the EWP, high-quality materials and advanced tools, the team safely accessed all high-up areas, ensuring that repairs were performed with precision.  



The immediate effect of the repairs was obvious — the windows looked as good as new! More importantly, the structural integrity of the windows was restored, which is vital for security and insulation. This intervention by Action Glass ensured that the warehouse could continue its operations without any risk of interruptions or security breaches. 


Does your warehouse have cracked or damaged windows? 

Get a quote from Action Glass today! 

For businesses in Malaga and surrounding areas, Action Glass remains a trusted partner for all window, door, and shower screen repair needs. Here are several reasons more businesses are choosing Action Glass for quick and easy window repairs (even when the job is complicated). 

  1. 24/7 Emergency Service: We understand that damages can occur at any time and offer round-the-clock repair and replacement services. 
  1. Qualified, Experienced Team: Our team of installers is not only qualified but experienced in handling complex and high-stakes installations and repairs. 
  1. Quick Response: We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to all service calls, ensuring that your business operations are minimally impacted. 

Our team is ready to restore your security and peace of mind with expert, timely interventions. Contact Action Glass today to get started with a free remote quote. 

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