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Choosing the right aluminium window is not open and shut


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Choosing the right aluminium window is not open and shut

Choosing the right aluminium window is not open and shut

One type of material that you can use to frame windows in residential and commercial spaces is aluminium. Among many benefits, aluminium is naturally resistant to weathering elements and brings incredible strength and durability. It comes in a range of styles and colours, and can be customised to any size. Plus, it lasts for decades which makes it the obvious choice when it comes to longevity.

However, choosing the right aluminium window for your property may not be as simple as you think. Here are three elements we think you should consider.

Aluminium door hinge and frame

The functionality you need.

At Action Glass, we provide aluminium windows with a range of different aesthetics and functionalities. This includes sliding, multi-stack, bi-fold, double-hung, awning, and louvre windows.  

Is your window being installed for a practical need? For example, if your window is positioned over an indoor/outdoor servery, multi-stack windows are a good choice. If you just need to be able to open and close it for fresh air, sliding or louvre will do the trick.  

Your home’s style.

Of course, you want your windows to be cohesive with the rest of your home or retail property. If you have a traditional home, you might like to go for a bi-fold wood-look aluminium window, but if you enjoy contemporary living, a sleek and minimalist sliding frame might suit your home better. You can opt to powder coat your aluminium windows with your preferred colours 

It’s also the premium choice when it comes to intruder-protection as it’s much stronger than a wooden front door. The durability, strength, and stability of doors made from aluminium are their biggest advantage.

Energy efficiency.

Aluminium windows are known for their heat regulation benefits. They help rooms stay cool in summer and warm in winter, with no added pressure to your air-con or heating units. It actually means you’ll need to use heating and cooling units less, saving you money. The right glass will make your aluminium windows even more efficient; consider pairing your aluminium frame with insulated double glazing 

That’s it… No need to repaint, rehinge, or sand back, ever.

Aluminium door hinge and frame

What's next?

Whether you need aluminium windows for your shopfront, school, home, shopping centres or commercial or industrial building, give us a call to discuss your design ideas and get a free quote. You’re also invited to visit our showroom in Malaga. 


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