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Benefits of Thermal Framing Windows vs. Regular Windows


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Benefits of Thermal Framing Windows vs. Regular Windows

Benefits of Thermal Framing Windows vs. Regular Windows

Thermal framing windows, thermal breaks and thermally broken. At the mention of these terms, many may be thinking, WTF? (What The Frame?) The good news is thermal framing is just fancy talk for “window frames that help keep your room the perfect temperature and improve its energy efficiency”.

But what are the true benefits of thermal framing windows over regular windows, and where does double glazing come into the picture? Let’s take a look at all these, the benefits of thermal framing versus regular windows, and why they may be the right fit for your home or office.

Thermal framing

Firstly – what is thermal framing, and what does the term “thermally broken” mean?

Thermally broken refers to a window or door frame, and its overall energy efficiency thanks to an insulated barrier within the window frame to improve thermal performance by essentially “breaking” the pathway for heat to pass through. With several thermal framing products on the market, it’s important to understand the features of different varieties and their advantages in certain circumstances, environments and usages.

Thermal framing

Features of Thermally Broken Windows

Where some thermal framing windows can be used in conjunction with single, double or even triple glazed windows, and offer cyclonic protection, most thermal window products offer the following features:

· Latest thermal break technology including single and double bar polyamide strips to deliver outstanding thermal insulation

· Wind and water rated

· Acoustic rated

· Passive venting

Regular windows

Regular aluminium frames are your typical, run-of-the-mill window frame and don’t offer a lot of added protection from the elements. Metal/aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and cold, so a lot of heat can be gained or lost through the window or door frame, therefore reducing the overall energy efficiency of the space.

Even though regular windows may seem to be more economical to begin with as their price point is understandably lower than thermal framing, it’s important to weigh up the long-term costs associated with energy efficiency that thermal framing can offer.

Picture of sofa with energy efficient glass window

And what about double glazing?

Regardless of which window frames you choose, double (or triple) glazing is only going to be slightly more efficient than the frames upon which they are glazed. Sure, double glazing absolutely offers better energy efficiency and thermal and acoustic protection from the outside, but you’re only really halfway to achieving a high performing energy efficient window unless it is combined with thermal framing.

In order to achieve a comprehensive energy efficient window solution, it’s important to consider the benefits that both thermal framing and double or triple glazing can offer in conjunction with one another.

For any more information regarding thermal framing, feel free to contact us with your enquiry or to book a consultation. We’d be happy to assist!

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