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Top Bathroom Trends of 2018


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Top Bathroom Trends of 2018

Top Bathroom Trends of 2018

Glass Shower Door

Since 2015, the Australian home renovations market has fluctuated. Rather than trying to sell homes in their current state, homeowners who want to sell have embraced an old, but winning strategy: renovation. Between 2013 and 2016, extensive home renovation projects increased 14%. Redesigning adds significant value and style to a home and gives the seller instant equity.

Many homeowners start with renovating the bathroom, since that tends to make an immediate, visible impact. Current bathroom trends for 2018 are focused on minimalism while making a statement.

Tub and Shower

Contemporary design begins by replacing a bath with a large shower, particularly, with rimless glass doors to give the bathroom more depth and define the minimalist look. Frameless shower screens are part of the demand for the open shower concept and trend toward multi-functional equipped showers, which include benches, an enclosed steam system, multiple shower heads and jets, ambient mirrors, anti-fog mirrors, and linear drains.

Glass Splashback

Another trend is the addition of a glass splashback to accent any wall in your bathroom. The splashback paint colour is applied to the wall or the back of the glass; either way it remains vibrant because it’s protected from the room’s moisture. You can also apply tinted glass as a bathroom splashback accent. The glass transparency, in either clear or frosted, will add a modern touch to complement your bathroom’s decor.


Aussie designers offer multiple options for improving the look of the minimalist bathroom with statement making colours and pieces. Lightly toned timbers, modular joinery, and use of natural light are combining in 2018 with patterned tiles on walls and floors, as well as streamlined fixtures and fittings, under-mounted basins, and a pastel colour palette. Designers are also tapping into metallics in 2018, including rose gold, chrome, and brass featured in renovated bathrooms.

According to a recent consumer research, chrome is the number one choice for tapware and other accessories. “You can’t beat the classics,” says Daniela Santilli, lead marketer at Reece. “However, what we’re seeing is a whole range of different textures, shapes and tones in chrome, from brushed nickel and gunmetal grey to porcelain chrome coming through.”


Bathroom Mirrors


Statement mirrors are most definitely replacing the usual, utilitarian mirror box. “The traditional shaving cabinet is becoming a thing of the past, as designers transform the bathroom mirror into a work of art and make it the new focal point of the space,” says Kate Connors, owner and interior designer of Kate Connors Interiors. Ari Zorlu, managing director at Paco Jaanson, also states that “Scandi-inspired round styles set back in finely honed frames now lead the way.”

Smart Bathrooms

Another significant change is the integration of tech and creation of Smart Bathrooms. You can choose from sensor-activated toilets that clean themselves and have inbuilt seat warmers or night-lights, such as the Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet, and modern showerheads with customisable spray settings.

Modern technology takes indulgence yet another step in including touchscreen mirrors with USB ports and integrated speakers for connectivity in the bathroom. You can also install electronic mirrors with integrated LED clocks, and magnifying mirrors with automatic de-misting.

Turning Your Bathroom into An Oasis

Even with all the tech and minimalist features of the modern bathroom, you probably have moved beyond the utility of the bathroom and want a sanctuary for relaxation. Santilli and Zorlu report the day-spa trend has continued in design circles in 2018. “Stylists and designers are trying to recreate the vibe of a resort oasis in the bathroom,” says Zorlu. Santillisays the spa-inspired bathroom is a “…personal retreat with a touch of indulgence – a true place of escape.”

Redesign your home spa in one of two popular themes: organic and earthy, or glamourous high-end features and furnishings. You can create a sanctuary of serenity with larger-scale, floor-to-ceiling tiling using tangible materials like honed concrete, stone, and timber. For a high-end spa feeling, add an 18” rain showerhead, heated flooring, and heated towel rails, along with a spot to hang your clothes and a few scented candles.

Adding extra storage will complete your trendy renovation to the minimalist, but statement making bathroom.

Increased Safety Standards for Glass

For decades the puzzling phenomenon of exploding and self-shattering glass shower screens haveposed a dangerous and potentially painful risk for homeowners. ‘Spontaneously exploding’ shower screens were not seen to be rare or one-off events, with many owners of glass showers reporting inexplicably shattered glass lying in perilous shards across the bathroom floor.

Fortunately, the Australian glass industry safety and quality standards have been amended in recent years to ensure a higher grade of customer safety and product guarantee. The new legal obligation placed on domestic glass manufacturers focusses on glass supplier compliance with these national standards, including minimum thickness and a Grade A for toughened glass or Grade B wired glass. Buying locally manufactured glass is the safest option for you and your family and a trend we are seeing an increasing majority of homeowners moving towards.

What’s Next? Ready to give your bathroom a modern upgrade for 2018? Action Glass are experts in the glass industry, providing custom shower screens, mirrors, splashbacks and windows to give your bathroom a classic look. Get in touch with us today! 

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