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Aluminium window frames vs timber window frames


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Aluminium window frames vs timber window frames

Aluminium window frames vs timber window frames

If you’re building or renovating, you’re probably exploring several options and providers when it comes to your windows. In Australia, window frames are typically made from either aluminium or timber. As glass and window specialists, we’re firm believers that aluminium windows are superior. Generally speaking, aluminium is more affordable, durable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance. 

Are aluminium window frames better than timber ones?


When comparing the two materials, aluminium windows have a lower price point. Not only are they more affordable to buy, they’re also cheaper to install.  

Corner of aluminium window frame


The maintenance aspect is a huge one. Only needing very minimal attention over its lifetime (the occasional wipe down), aluminium frames are virtually maintenance-free. On the other hand, timber windows require ongoing maintenance with oiling, repainting, and refinishing. In older timber frames especially, the wood often dries and “cracks”, and the paint peels off. 

Additionally, maintaining your timber frame incorrectly can have serious consequences — you might even have to replace the entire thing. For example, using the wrong primer for the specific wood type (many different timbers are used for window frames) or not preparing the window properly can result in moisture and rot setting in. 

Man sanding timber window frame


Another element to consider is how you want your home to look. Aluminium window frames can be manufactured to virtually any size and style, and with powder coatings, they come in a range of colours and modern designs. Being significantly stronger than timber, the frames are much slimmer and sleek in appearance. They’re especially well-suited for minimalist architecture and modern homes, but can just as easily be paired with more traditional residential styles. If you’re after that timber-look, you can even buy wood-look aluminium.  

Timber window frame

Safety & durability.

Both types of frames can be locked and installed with a range of glass types, however, aluminium frames are more practical in fire-prone regions. That strength we mentioned before also plays into added security and durability. Additionally, aluminium is extraordinarily resistant to mould, harsh weather conditions, and corrosion. Unlike timber, aluminium never swells, cracks, splits or warps, ensuring a long-lasting product. 

Picture of aluminium frame window with view of apartment buildings

Environmentally friendly.

Aluminium is a fully sustainable material, making their frames exceptionally green. It’s also non-toxic and 100% recyclable. If you’re looking to improve your carbon footprint and create an eco-friendly home, aluminium frames are a great option. 

Are aluminium window frames better than timber ones?

Our qualified and experienced team of installers are ready to install aluminium window frames in any property type. Give us a call to discuss your design ideas and get a free quote. 

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