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Airflow to aesthetics: Reasons you’ll love louvre windows


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Airflow to aesthetics: Reasons you’ll love louvre windows

Airflow to aesthetics: Reasons you’ll love louvre windows

Add a touch of antiquity to your modern surrounds with louvre windows.

Born in the medieval period, louvres began as a rooftop construction from wood slats to allow in light and ventilation while dispersing smoke and keeping out rain and snow.

The louvre’s shutter-style construction is much the same today, only they’re manufactured with glass and aluminium as well as timber. Modern louvre windows can be opened and closed with a lever or electronically, and can be locked in position for added security.

For a window that offers as much practicality as it does style, it’s hard to look past the louvre. If you’re interested in an elegant statement window, read on to learn more about why we love louvre windows and why they might be the perfect addition to your home.

louvre windows

Natural ventilation

Louvre windows are a breath of fresh air, literally. Windows ought to provide your home with ventilation and no other type of window does this job better than the louvre. They’ll keep your home comfortably cool and full of fresh air.

Louvre windows are energy efficient; they’re good for the environment and the pocket. By adjusting the angle of the blades, you can control the amount of airflow entering your home, meaning you’re able to regulate the temperature of your home naturally. Circulate that afternoon breeze (or Fremantle Doctor) to take the edge of warm days and save on energy costs doing it.

Although louvre windows can be open in gentle rain to still allow for airflow, when closed they’ll ensure full protection from the elements, like strong winds and rain.

Privacy & security

Since louvre windows offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors, it often raises concerns about privacy and security. Louvre windows are designed to be safe and secure. They’re hinged in a specific way to offer protection from potential intruders and the blades can be locked for additional security.

For more privacy, you can choose to have frosted glass blades, such as Satina or Satinlite glass. This might be preferable in bathrooms, where you can remove steam effectively while maintaining privacy. Alternatively, they can be paired with blinds or curtains so you won’t have to compromise the view.


These are windows which add character to your home. Louvre windows are timeless and sophisticated; they just add a little more interest to a room. They’re also highly customisable. At Action Glass, we offer a comprehensive range of colours, finishes and hardware options to enhance your interiors, whatever your style may be.

Also, there’s a common misconception about the difficulty of cleaning louvre windows. However, they’re actually easier to clean than standard windows because you can clean both sides of the glass from inside the home. How convenient!


Louvre windows are the statement window to dress up any living space. They’re functional yet stylish. Louvre windows allow for plenty of natural light and ventilation, without sacrificing privacy or security. You’ll love the way they look and the feel of a nice cool breeze on a warm day. The perfect balance between style and practicality, louvre windows are a brilliant feature of any modern home.

At Action Glass & Aluminium, we’ve been designing and installing louvre windows across Perth for over 50 years. Our experienced team will custom design a solution to suit your home and style. And by using powder-coated premium aluminium, we’ll ensure your windows will operate smoothly for years to come.

Contact our team today for a free quote on louvre windows for your home or business.

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