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Advantages of aluminium doors


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Advantages of aluminium doors

Advantages of aluminium doors

Aluminium doors, particularly external aluminium doors, have numerous advantages over traditional wooden doors. These include structural stability, durability against burglary, noise cancellation, thermal insulation, and virtually limitless design possibilities. What does this mean for you? Combining all these elements, along with Action’s quality workmanship and design capabilities, provides an entrance that makes a statement. You get a front door or aluminium-frame sliding door that’s reliable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing — even decades after it’s been installed.

Aluminium door handle

More on aluminium door design.

Our capabilities for aluminium doors include Sliding glass multi-stack, bifold, French doors, leadlights, hinged glass. More than a practical entrance, your aluminium door can act as a design feature of the home’s exterior. Why not have one that’s been beautifully designed in the style and colour of your choosing? From contemporary styles to farmhouse, traditional, minimalist, extravagant, and more, we offer a wide range of designs and handles to suit personal preference as well as the overall style of your home.

The aluminium doors we build and install can be matte or glossy, metallic, wood-look, or any colour under the sun. We also have a range of accessories that make your door even more personal and unique. For example, you can add a sleek black handle or opt for a vintage-look brass doorknob. Or, perhaps you want a elegant slimline pullbar with a hidden handle; we can do that, too.

There’s almost no limitations, and we can custom design a door just for you or any height and width. Simply tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to create the door of your dreams with trusty aluminium.

More on stability & durability.

Wooden doors show wear and tear and can warp over time. They also need to be repainted more often than you think. Not only does an aluminium door deliver exceptional resistance to temperature changes, extreme weather, and noise, it never bends or warps with age. Aluminium is rust-resistant and never rots, making it the ideal entryway material for any geographical location, even Perth’s coastal suburbs. Although it’s true that salty air in coastal regions can damage many metallic products (due to rust), our aluminium doors are treated to ensure this doesn’t happen.

It’s also the premium choice when it comes to intruder-protection as it’s much stronger than a wooden front door. The durability, strength, and stability of doors made from aluminium are their biggest advantage.

More on maintenance.

All exterior doors are exposed to environmental influences and proper care is needed to ensure long-lasting product. In saying that, an aluminium door has significantly less maintenance requirements than a wooden one. In fact, an aluminium door requires minimal care — almost no care! All you need to do it wipe it down several times a year with an appropriate cleaning product. Ideally, this would be a pH-neutral or alkaline cleaning agent. If you can’t find that, water and gentle soap will do the trick.

That’s it… No need to repaint, rehinge, or sand back, ever.

Aluminium door frame, sliding door

What's next?

Want more information on aluminium doors from Acton Glass? Come and visit our showroom in Malaga or contact our knowledgeable team today. 

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