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5 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Window Frames


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5 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Window Frames

5 Reasons To Choose Aluminium Window Frames

Bedroom windows

When people talk about repairing or replacing windows, their primary concern is usually the glass. However, there’s another equally important element of a window that requires careful consideration — the window frame. 

Aside from enhancing the aesthetics of your home, a window frame is there to add security and protect your home from the elements. 

To ensure your window frames perform their function, you should choose a lasting material, like aluminium. Select the wrong material for your window frame and you could be compromising long-term looks and security.

Want to know more? Here are 5 reasons why you should choose aluminium window frames.

1. Aluminium Window Frames are Extremely Durable

Aluminium window frame in rain

Rust-resistant and durable, aluminium window frames are often subjected to surface treatments or coatings, such as anodising or powder coating. This produces high-performing weather and corrosion-resistant window frames.

Even when exposed to the extremes of weather, Aluminium window frames won’t swell, crack, split, warp or blister easily. When aluminium comes into contact with air, aluminium oxide forms immediately on its surface, providing a protective layer from the elements. 

So, whether your Perth property is coastal or in high-wind areas, the structural integrity of aluminium makes it the ideal material for both windows and doors.

2. Aluminium Window Frames are Lightweight & Strong

Aluminium is one of the lightest metals manufactured and used commercially – much lighter than steel or copper. However, don’t let the lightweight nature of aluminium frames fool you. 

Aluminium is extremely robust. Unlike steel, aluminium isn’t susceptible to cold temperatures. In fact, the colder it gets the stronger aluminium becomes.

3. Aluminium Window Frames are Low Maintenance

Replaced window and aluminium window frame

Since aluminium does not rust or get discoloured, maintaining aluminium window frames is both easy and inexpensive. You need only give them a clean a few times a year.

You don’t need specialty cleaning agents either. You can give your aluminium windows a quick clean using soapy water, then wipe them down after with a soft cloth. This is enough to keep them looking new and functioning smoothly.

4. Aluminium is an affordable material

Compared to other materials like timber, aluminium is so much more affordable. Even when compared to unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) — which is often promoted as a low-cost option. Aluminium’s long-term performance still sits it above the rest for affordability.

5. Aluminium Window Frames are eco-friendly

Glass Sliding door

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and reusable, so it is a sustainable, eco-friendly option — especially when compared to uPVC. Opting for aluminium also means that less of our valuable natural timbers are being used.

Aluminium vs Wood Window Frames

Aluminium window frame & blinds

Let’s take a look at the two most popular materials for window frames and see who stacks up the best.

Durability: While wooden window frames are durable, aluminium window frames are the stronger choice structurally, even when compared with uPVC.

Affordability: Depending on the type of wood, wooden frames can be cost-prohibitive, especially if you need several units for your building. They are also expensive to maintain in the long term.

Sustainability: Not all timber used for wooden frames is readily available or renewable. Aluminium, on the other hand, is both recyclable and reusable.

Weather-resistance: Wooden window frames can rot because of water damage. They can also warp, split, or swell when exposed to changing weather. Aluminium windows hold up well in any weather.

Aesthetics: Wooden frames have traditionally been the more aesthetic choice because of the unique wood grains and timber being a natural material. However, unlike earlier aluminium options, innovations have turned aluminium into an incredibly versatile material. It can now be anodized or powder-coated to create texture or colour matched to your existing décor.  

To find out more about the benefits of aluminium window frames, talk to the team at Action Glass & Aluminium.

Action Glass has been supplying Perth residents and commercial properties with aluminium window frames for over 50 years. All their glass and aluminium frames are manufactured in Perth and comply with all Australian Standards and BCA. 

Contact Action Glass & Aluminium today.  

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