Leadlights and Stained Glass

Leadlight and Stained Glass Window Repairs Perth


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Leadlights and Stained Glass

Leadlight and Stained Glass Window Repairs Perth


Leadlight windows add immense beauty to any building. Carrying out repairs for such delicate panels of glass requires an experienced hand. 

While many people may associate leadlights or stained glass with churches or commercial properties, there are plenty of residential suburbs in Perth that have an impressive array of leadlight windows. The City of Subiaco even has a dedicated walking tour where people can see some of Perth’s most historic leadlight displays.

At Action Glass and Aluminium, we specialise in the repair, restoration and installation of leadlight and stained glass panels. We also undertake commissions to create and install new leadlight windows. 

We take great pride in maintaining the original character and ambience of yesteryear. There is a lot of history behind Perth’s leadlight windows and each piece needs to be preserved for future generations to see.


We can carry out repairs to classic and contemporary leadlight windows. Minor repairs are carried out onsite, wherever possible. More often though, leadlights are removed and taken to our workshop for restoration. 

The intricate nature of leadlights means that we don’t take any risks and prefer to perform delicate repairs in house. If you do discover that your leadlight has cracked or shattered, contact us as soon as possible. The intricate design of leadlights means that each surrounding glass segment should stay in place.


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Leadlight and Stained Glass are terms that are often interchanged when describing ornate, colourful glass, but there is a difference. Leadlight is glass that is held together by lead (or metal) strips. The strips divide the various colours of glass which can create a larger picture or a geometrical design.


Stained glass can also be made up of many smaller pieces of glass, but usually feature more intricate images that have been painted onto the glass. The paint (or stain) is then fired in a kiln to permanently set the colour.

New Commission and Installation

Stained Glass

Adding a feature like leadlights or stained glass is a great way to add colour, texture and light to your property. The light created will enhance front doors, windows and furniture.

Our years of experience installing glass means that we can install your leadlights promptly, so that your home is secured quickly.

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