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7 Reasons You Need Double Glazed Windows


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7 Reasons You Need Double Glazed Windows

7 Reasons You Need Double Glazed Windows

When many homeowners think of double-glazed windows, their only reason to get them might simply be “to block out that darned noise!” For instance, living on a busy road, near an airport, across the road from a barking dog or, perhaps, next door to a childcare centre!

However, there are actually so many more reasons to invest in double glazed windows that many people have never thought about before, such as double-glazed windows for improved security, reducing energy costs, increased home value and of course double-glazed windows for noise reduction.

Firstly though, what exactly is double glazing?

Made from two panes of glass sandwiched together with a layer of vacuum-sealed air in between means that double glazed windows effectively regulate the inside temperature whilst blocking out nearly 80% of external noise. Sharp noises become dulled down and much more tolerable at 4am!

1. Reduce noise

The first and most obvious one is to install double glazed windows to reduce noise, thanks to their excellent ability to provide acoustic insulation. Cars, aeroplanes, woofing canines and doof doof parties at 1am, be gone! (Or muffled, at the very least.)

2. Reduce energy costs

Double glazed windows are an excellent way to save energy and reduce your power bills as they effectively regulate temperature by keeping hot air sealed out in summer (and the frosty cool air con temps sealed in), and vice-versa in winter!

3. Regulate temperature

Not only does the temperature regulation help reduce energy costs as above, but the thermal insulation is also a major comfort factor, keeping you toasty in winter and cool in summer with no awful draughts sneaking their way in.

4. Enhance security

Standard window glazing is 4-6mm thick, while double glazing is, well, double that, offering double the strength and defence against intruders.

In addition to the various types of glass shower screens as above, here’s some extra food for thought…

5. Increase home value

Thanks to all the wonderful benefits of double glazing, your home’s value may actually be increased as a result. That’s always a good thing, right?!

6. Suitable for any windows

Double glazing doesn’t discriminate – any shape or style of window can be double glazed making it a really easy choice to increase the performance of your home.

7. Range of doors and customisable options available

Not just windows can be double-glazed – doors with window panels in them can also be fitted with double glazing, such as bi-fold, French and sliding doors, with a range of styles available.

Now you know our 7 top reasons why every home can benefit from double glazing – and not just for the noise factor – feel free to contact us for more information or to book a consultation. We’d be happy to assist!

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