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Mirrors can enhance your space in many ways; it just depends on how you use them and the possibilities are endless.

If it is style, elegance, grace and opulence that you want to achieve, then mirrors are one of the most ideal decorative pieces you can use. Action Glass & Aluminium offers a comprehensive range of all types of mirror in all shapes and sizes, plus framing, edgework, tints and graphic design. From bathrooms to hallways through to dining rooms or wardrobes, all will be custom made to suit your requirements and all mirrors and workmanship are guaranteed.

Framed Mirror Solutions

With a variety of colours to choose from, framed mirrors are most commonly fitted with spring loaded clips. Learn more about this option by giving us a call.

Frameless Options

Optional edgework includes a raised, polished or bevelled finish that can be fitted with spring loaded clips, chrome domes or glue fixed if preferred. For a timeless reflection, we can make the difference.

Beauty in Glass Complimenting Beautiful Reflections

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Designed to Inspire

 Take your home décor to the next level with the multiple options we can provide. Made from the highest quality glass, your finished product will make you proud of its contemporary beauty and impression.

Open Up Your Space with A Mirror

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